Information Policy

1) name, quantity, sale price including VAT, payment method and basic characteristics of the goods or services subject to the contract
Payment method: [[sozlesme.Odeme_Tipi]]
2) packaging, shipping and delivery costs are covered by the buyer. Shipping fee [[sozlesme.Cargo is]] and the shipping price is added to the total amount of the order. Not included in the product price. Delivery will be delivered by hand through the contracted shipping company at the above address of the buyer. Even if it is not located at the address of the buyer at the time of delivery, our company will be considered to have fully and fully fulfilled its operation. For this reason, any damage caused by the buyer's late delivery of the product, as well as expenses incurred due to the fact that the product was waiting at the cargo company and/or the return of the cargo to our company, also belong to the buyer.
3) the product will be delivered no later than 30 days from the date of the contract. All responsibility belongs to our company until the moment of delivery of the product.
4) "the consumer's receipt of the goods without assuming any legal or criminal liability and without any reason within seven days from the date of the signing of the contract or the goods or services that have the right of withdrawal by refusing to rescind the contract and take back the goods from the date of notification to the seller or provider, we are committed to."If our company does not fulfill the above-mentioned obligations, the period of the right to withdraw is 3 months. A period of 7 days and a period of 3 months begins to work in contracts for the delivery of the goods from the day the consumer receives the goods, and in other contracts from the day the contract is concluded. If the obligations specified in the" Preliminary Information Form " and the regulation on distance contracts are fulfilled within a three-month period, the 7-day right of withdrawal period begins to function from the day these obligations are fulfilled. It is sufficient to declare the declaration of Will that the right of withdrawal has been exercised in writing or with a continuous data carrier during this period.
5) due to the use of the website you use to place an order, no additional costs are charged to consumers in relation to the fare tariff.
6) Business the validity period of all commitments, including the price specified in this "information form", is 30 days.
7) as a product that is performed continuously or periodically, we do not have a product that we offer for sale.
8) we do not have any form of sale in relation to products that we supply for sale with an indefinite period or duration of more than one year.
9) complaints and objections of consumers: Your Applications are within the monetary limits set by the Ministry of Customs and trade in December each year (the monetary limit for the competent consumer problems arbitration committees operating in metropolitan provinces for 2013 is TL 3,110, 58,and the monetary limit for the competent consumer problems arbitration committees operating in provinces not in metropolitan status is TL 1,191,52. For amounts below the mentioned price, it is necessary to apply to the presidencies of the District Consumer Issues Arbitration Committee.) consumer issues where you purchase goods or services or where your residence is located, you can make them to the Arbitration Committee or the Consumer Court.
10) credit card of payment etc. if the card is used illegally by someone else, the transaction is made in accordance with the provisions of the law on debit cards and credit cards No. 5464 of 23/2/2006 and the regulation on debit cards and credit cards published in the Official Journal No. 26458 of 10/3/2007.
11) as for the legal consequences of the buyer's default, the provisions of Article 6/A of the law on Consumer Protection entitled "sale in installments" apply.
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