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Süt Soğutma Tankları

300 Lt Vertical Milk Cooling Tank

58.110,13 TL




·         Made of AISI 304 L quality stainless steel.

·        1st wall base is 2 mm and there is a 0.8 mm Ep type rollbond heat exchanger plate coupled to the wall.

·       1st wall body is 1.5 mm.

·         Insulation wall is made of 1 mm AISI 304 L quality stainless steel

·        There is 1 unit of 25 W 21 rpm reducer and stainless steel mixer blade attached to it. The mixer blade is designed so as not to disturb the structure of the milk.

·         Product outlet DN 40 or 50 female union butterfly valve is available.

·         Insulation range is 40 mm thick and insulated with HCFC-free water-based high-density polyurethane foam material.

·         There is a special manual ruler for each tank. (It has a 3-4% sensitivity rate.)

·         It is designed to have zero liquidity inside.

·        The tank body is mounted on a solid chassis.

·        Welded areas are 1st class Argon TIG welding and 1st class smooth polished.

·        Refrigerant evaporator (rollbond) has been subjected to 40 bar test pressure.

Cooling Group

·        Minimum amount of gas charge

·         A 404 gas cooled

·        Cooling without icing even in low milk quantity

·        It provides the opportunity to cool each milking (38 °C – 43 °C) at ambient temperature from 35 °C to 4 °C in less than 3 hours. In addition, by examining the Test Compliance Report of our GARANTİ SOĞUTMA company, you can see the class of each tank.

·          There is a refrigeration compressor (Dryer, sight glass, expansion valve, liquid trap and valves) belonging to each compressor.

·        Cooling compressors are mounted on a solid chassis on the tank.

Electronic Control Panel

·          Electronic control system is mounted inside a special panel and all operations are done via electronic control card of GARANTİ SOĞUTMA company.

·        The operation of the tank and milk temperature are controlled on the control control panel.

·        Phase protection relay is available.

·          With the special software automatic mixing program the mixer working intervals can be adjusted after the coldness of the milk reaches the desired flood value. (like working for 3 minutes and stopping for 10 minutes)

Option (Digital scale)

Digital Level Indicator

·        It has the opportunity to measure with 0-‰2 margin of error.

·         The amount of milk in the tank can be monitored from the control panel.

It can show the amount of milk in the tank in mm, kg and lt.

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