Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a member of our site is very easy and simple. when you register your email address and phone number, our friends who are online respond to you immediately by return or e-mail in the sales process, your product will be shipped to you by contracted warehouse and cargo companies after briefly explaining the technical specifications and product details by telephone mail and receiving approval. Your product will be shipped free of charge to the Marmara region with our own service vehicles and our own trucks and vans, and installation operation and final checks will be carried out by your side and delivered in a working manner
The ordering process can also be ordered on the site and from other e-commerce portals
Since our company has been in the market for many years, it provides service as soon as possible due to its own infrastructure and its own service network. there is a warranty period of 2 years. Since we are a manufacturer, there is also a 10-year parts retention guarantee
All of our products are priced as + VAT. Some exception companies that are exempt from VAT are billed as VAT you VAT will not be added on products going abroad.
A dealership is provided and must have an experienced and technical team in the field of milk and milk boilers. If you want to train a technical team, the candidates approved during the 1-month trial period in our factory are given certificates and completed their training and are referred to as the authorized service of boilers that are on their own behalf and that they are dealers in the market. The main requirement for the dealership is to closely monitor the milk and dairy products in the region where the products will be sold, and to monitor and analyze the duration of the projects and the work to be done